Terms and conditions


 Article 1: Applicability of the Terms and Conditions
 All offers and agreements and other commitments with VW wobshop and its buyers, hereinafter referred to as consumers, these Terms and Conditions apply. Deviations from these terms apply only if and insofar as such by vw-wobshop agreed in writing with consumers.

 Article 2: Prices
 The agreed price is the price of euros

 Article 3: Orders
 Before a final order with VW wobshop you will always start with a summary total including VAT and postage. After placing an order with us has passed, the purchase agreement a fact VW wobshop reserves the right, without any justification to consumer orders not to accept or only to accept the condition that the shipment is under by vw-wobshop to be defined. Orders are followed by an order of vw wobshop to consumers through an automated e-mail.

Article 5: Shipping / Delivery
Unless otherwise agreed, vw wobshop determines the method of shipment and transportation of the goods at the risk of vw-wobshop. Delivery terms shall be regarded as final and will be respected as much as possible, but they are not binding. Exceeding a delivery never gives consumers the right to any damages or rescission of the contract or any other action against VW wobshop. Duty to deliver on VW wobshop will be met by offering the goods twice. Consumer or a third party designated by the consumer bears the risk of the goods from the moment the goods to the specified address are offered for delivery. Receipt by the consumer or the consumer's designated person signed, the full proof of delivery. Consumer or a third party designated by the consumer is required upon delivery of the goods to receive. Failing this, the goods at the expense and risk of consumers returned and stored.
All of our items are shipped fully checked prior to the quality requirements set by us. We do not ship items to addresses as anonymous mailboxes. Orders are made, if possible, within 10 working days. If this fails then you will be notified via an email to be informed. Become a COD components supplied by the postman refused we charge € 20, - administration costs and cancellation

Item 5.a: Shipping within Netherlands
When the order to an address within the Dutch borders is sent a contribution to the shipping. Depending on weight and destination. This gives you an overview of the final order before sending. Become a COD components supplied by the postman refused we charge € 20, - cancellation and administration costs. We do not ship items to addresses as anonymous mailboxes.

Section 5.b: Shipping outside the Netherlands
For those residing outside the Dutch borders and place an order with VW WOBSHOP Different rates apply in relation to the delivery.

Article 6: Delivery in the Netherlands
The products you ordered from us, if available, must within 10 days but within 4 weeks to be delivered. If this fails then you will be notified via an email to be informed. You should however bear in mind that if you ordered product is not in stock, delivery can be up to 12 weeks. You have the option to cancel the order if the delivery time longer than 14 weeks.

Item 6.a: Delivery outside the Netherlands
For those residing outside the Dutch borders and place an order with all items shipped by us are checked beforehand whether it fully meets the quality requirements set by us. We do not ship items to addresses as anonymous mailboxes. Orders are made, if possible, within 10 working days. If this fails then you will be notified via an email to be informed.

Article 7: Payment
Basically makes VW wobshop only in advance or COD unless otherwise agreed. Any other deliveries, the following provisions. Delivery is made after payment of the balance on the account of VW wobshop or payment by i-deal. If by vw-wobshop agrees to take delivery, payment within 5 days of the invoice date to have been made without any deduction, discount and / or settlement. vw-wobshop, regardless of the agreed payment terms, entitled to prior to supply goods to demand security for payment or performance of its obligations to suspend, if such security is not / can be given.

Article 8: Ownership
To consumer goods delivered remain the property of VW wobshop until consumer does not fully return, provided that under the by vw-wobshop agreement entered into to supply goods thus be due to any demands of VW wobshop against consumers because of inadequate reserves by consumers to fulfill its obligations towards VW wobshop has met. Consumer, as long as he is not integral to the payment obligations wobshop VW has paid, not entitled to the goods supplied by VW wobshop a pledge to establish, or the goods to sell, transfer, rent or any other means thus another party and / or property set.

Article 9: Warranty
vw-wobshop guarantees the quality of its powers to the best and can goods and / or services, provided that the warranty beyond the warranty terms of the original supplier. vw-wobshop accepts no liability for latent defects. The warranty period begins with the receipt of goods by the consumer or a third party designated by the consumer. Any kind of guarantee will lapse if a defect is caused by or resulting from improper or inappropriate use. No guarantee is provided on damage to components by external influences, such as caused by knocks and bumps or incorrect use.

Article 10: Complaints
Complaints for visible and non-visible defects immediately after discovery, but within seven days after the actual transfer of the business done. Complaints must be in writing and with a proper description of the complaint to VW wobshop be made known. Exceeding the time limits any claim against VW wobshop relating to any defects. After expiry of this period, vw wobshop deemed to have fulfilled its obligations correctly and it is assumed that consumers recognize as correct the issues. Complaints never give consumers the right to suspend its payments. The consumer is entitled, within eight days to annul the sale and his money back.

Article 11: Return
vw-wobshop accept returned goods only if and to the extent that by vw-wobshop conditions returned to by vw-wobshop to give address in the original packaging and in the condition vw wobshop these goods to consumers delivered. Shipping costs will be borne by consumers unless otherwise agreed in writing. Returns must be returned within 8 days to be delivered to vw-wobshop.

Article 12: Limitation of Liability
vw-wobshop nor third parties that it involves for the creation or execution of any agreement, be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from and related to the agreement, which consumers may suffer, no matter what the cause. Consumer safeguards vw wobshop and its employees for claims relating to damage caused by the use of by VW wobshop goods / services wobshop VW is not liable for costs and damages arising from acts or inactivity of consumers. Any further liability, whether direct or indirect damages, costs and interest, for any reason whatsoever, shall be excluded.

Article 13: shortcoming
If after the conclusion of this agreement by vw-wobshop can not be met, due to circumstances at the time of concluding the agreement can not reasonably be foreseen or to VW wobshop could not be known, shall be considered in relation of consumer-VW wobshop as a non-attributable shortcoming (force majeure). vw-wobshop in case of force majeure the right to suspend its obligations. VW is also entitled wobshop agreement wholly or partly, or to demand that the content of the agreement is amended so as execution remains possible. In no event shall vw wobshop held any penalty or damages. vw-wobshop reserves the right to payment for work already performed and costs incurred.

Article 14: Dissolution
If consumers have obligations to VW wobshop. not timely or properly fulfill consumer is legally in default and any claim that VW wobshop or acquires a dependent, immediately due and suddenly without any notice is required. vw-wobshop have the right to further implementation of the agreement or to suspend in whole or in part. vw-wobshop is entitled at all times and then to claim compensation from the consumer and the goods to take back.

Article 15: Personal Registration
The data on the order form, via e-mail sent to us. Your information is confidential and safely stored (in a non-internet connected system).

Article 16: Disputes
All disputes which these conditions apply will be subject to the right of parties to decisions of the President of the District Court, adjudicating in summary proceedings, to provoke, to the ruling of the court in the place or district of VW wobshop or if the parties so desire, by arbitration under the rules of the Dutch Arbitration Institute in Rotterdam to rule.

Article 17: Applicable Law
For any matters which these conditions are valid only Dutch law. Dutch law applies to those who place an order from a place outside the Dutch borders. All disputes arising out of or related to an offer, agreement or undertaking to which these conditions apply or on the conditions themselves and their interpretation or execution, shall, insofar as the laws allow, definitely decided by the competent court in the district of VW-wobshop.

Article 18: Acceptance Conditions
By completing the order form and / or sending an order by post to the consumer to accept these Terms and furthermore that this will form part of the purchase agreement between the consumer and VW-wobshop.

Article 18.1: Change Conditions
vw-wobshop has the right at all times this agreement and the contents of the website to change.

Article 19: Final Determination
These conditions seek a fair settlement of the legal relationship between VW and wobshop consumers. Insofar as circumstances may arise where these conditions or any provision thereof, could lead to unreasonable results, these conditions apply to the extent missing.

To order parts from our website, you agree to the Terms.